It is the responsibility of every state's government to find that they conduct water projects in order for the citizens to get adequate and clean water for consumption. Many of the dry places benefit from the government water projects since clean water  tend to be accessible. The major water sources tend to be from the highland areas receiving heavy rainfall or in places receiving adequate rainfall. Such places cannot run dry even during the dry seasons. The major towns are also provided with water through such government projects. Such project requires huge amount of finance in order to cater for design of the project, purchase every needed material required for that project, as well as payment of the workers. A large water storage tank is one of the structure erected during the accomplishment of the project. There are many benefits that a large water storage tanks can serve to the people in a given location. Here are the descriptions of some of the benefits of such large water storage tanks.

The tanks provide a room for the necessary treatment before it is consumed by the people. The reservoirs are normally open, making it possible for water to be easily contaminated. The water is most likely to be contaminated by the wild animals since the water sources are mostly found inside the forest. The pipes can also get damaged and water inside get contaminated along the way. The contaminated water can be a major source of infections to human health. That gives the reason why large water storage tanks are erected to give room for the necessary water treatment by chlorination and filtration to make fit for human consumption.

The large water storage tanks give a point where the flowing pressure can be increased. Some catchment areas may not provide enough gravitational force to boost the movement of water from one point to another. The water storage tanks serve as the pumping point where water pressure is added to increase the flow rate to the consumers. Enough potential energy is generated as well to boost the kinetic energy of the flowing water from the tanks. For more info, view here.

The large water storage tanks can serve as temporary water reservoirs or storage in case water reduces from the catchment area. During the dry period the water tanks acts as the source of water to the people before the rain season resumes for normal supply of water. In case there is a repair and maintenance happening to the piping system on the upstream side, the tanks act as the main source of water supply to the consumers. Read more here.

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